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In the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada, a remarkable story of determination, perseverance, and passion unfolded. The tale of CEG Dealer School, a once-small institution that has risen to prominence, is a testament to the enduring spirit of its founders and the boundless potential of dreams. From its modest origins to its grand presence in the Fashion Show Mall as Casino Quest, this is a narrative of triumph against all odds.


CEG Dealer School began its journey as a small establishment, tucked away from the glitz and glamour of the Strip. In the midst of the bustling city, its founders faced the challenges of an arduous and demanding industry. The path was marked by sleepless nights, countless hours of practice, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The early days were filled with trials that tested their resolve, yet they persisted, determined to carve a space for themselves in the world of gaming.


Their dedication bore fruit as they expanded their reach and opened the doors to Casino Quest at the prestigious Fashion Show Mall. This bold move marked a significant turning point, propelling CEG Dealer School into the limelight. What was once a small school had now become a vibrant hub, drawing in enthusiasts and aspiring dealers from all corners. The journey from their modest beginnings to this illustrious destination exemplified the grit and sweat that went into every deck shuffled and every hand dealt.


What truly sets CEG Dealer School apart is their unwavering focus on family. As they reflect on their journey, they realize that their thriving enterprise is more than just a business – it’s a growing and thriving family. From instructors to students, each individual is a part of this tapestry, contributing their unique thread to the story of success. The sense of community and camaraderie that defines their establishment is a living testament to their values and the legacy they are building.


Join the CEG Dealer School Family.

Wherever You Are, Your Journey Begins Here

Embarking on a career as a casino dealer is like stepping into a world of excitement, skill, and endless possibilities. At CEG Dealer School in Las Vegas, we believe that this journey should be accessible to everyone, whether you’re standing on the Strip or thousands of miles away. Our commitment to fostering the next generation of skilled dealers knows no bounds, as we welcome you not only in person but also remotely, into the heart of our family.


Joining the CEG Dealer School family, whether in person or remotely, is the perfect starting ground for your journey as a casino dealer. We recognize that every seasoned professional once stood at the beginning of their path, just as every grand casino was built on its foundations. Our school is that foundation, the bedrock upon which you will build your expertise and confidence.


By becoming a part of the CEG Dealer School family, you’re not just gaining knowledge – you’re gaining a lifelong connection. Our alumni are spread across the globe, their shared experiences forming an unbreakable bond. No matter where you are from, joining us means becoming a part of this enduring network. From the glittering lights of Las Vegas to the quiet corners of the world, the CEG Dealer School family will always be a support system, a community that celebrates your successes and stands by you through challenges.

Our Faculty

David Noll


After being Honorably discharged from the US Army, David began his gaming career in 1991 at the Golden Gate Casino, 1 Fremont Street Las Vegas, dealing on a 25 cent craps table or “bird game”.

Since then, David has worked at numerous casinos including the Gold Coast, the Imperial Palace, Rio All Suites, Players Lake Charles, Belle of Baton Rouge, The Sante Fe Casino, Texas Station, The Fitzgeralds, The Westward Ho and a few more.

From Dealer to Supervisor to Consultant to trainer, David has run the gamut of gaming opportunities. Now, it’s his passion to train the next generation of Craps dealers and help place and advance casino dealers all over the world.

During the day you can find David teaching Craps at CEG Dealer School. His hobbies include weightlifting, sailing, KENO, coin collecting, RPG’s and D&D!

Alex Kim


Born and raised in Las Vegas, Alex has grown up in the casino gaming business and continues a multi-generational career path related to casinos.

Alex’s mother retired from the Palace Court high limit Baccarat Pit at Caesars Palace after 29 years, long considered one of the most prestigious dealer jobs in Las Vegas. His father was a long time Vice President of the Wynn. Alex started his own casino career at the Gold Coast in 2007. From there he has worked at the Encore, the Cosmopolitan and Hard Rock in various casino dealing and supervising capacities before starting CEG Dealer School in 2014.

Today CEG is arguably one of the most recognized names in casino education anywhere.

Here in Las Vegas, Alex serves as a Director for CEG and President of Casino Quest at the Fashion Show Mall across from the Wynn, where players learn to win and visitors can purchase casino supplies and souvenirs.

Alex’s passion is helping dealers and players find their niche and their opportunity on the casino floor.

Alex’s hobbies include being a bonafide foodie, EDM fan and all gambling except KENO.

You can  find Alex on the CEG YouTube channel at youtube.com/cegdealerschool or his personal instagram @Alexkimlv.

Becky Corbitt

Lead Instructor CEG Dealer School

Becky Corbitt learned to be a casino dealer on the job, starting with the Big Six Casino in 1973. From there she has had a storied career working at more than 15 different casinos over 50 years. Her resume includes stints at The Fitzgeralds (now the D), the Flamingo Capri (which became the Imperial Palace) the Imperial Palace (now the Linq), the Silver City, Lady Luck (now Downtown Grand) and another 10 different casinos.

Starting in 1985 Becky was promoted to a Floor Supervisor. She started as an instructor with CEG Dealer School in 2018. She was promoted to Lead Instructor in 2020.

Lauren Goldberg


Lauren has been a dealer for more than 30 years. In 1993 she started at the Edgewater and quickly moved on to the Flamingo Hilton.

In 1996 Lauren moved to Las Vegas and was hired by the Rio All Suites Resort and Casino during its heyday under Marnell management.

In 2010 Lauren became a day-one dealer at the Cosmopolitan inside City Centre on the Las Vegas strip, considered one of the best casinos to work in Las Vegas.

Since 2015 Lauren has been a Lead Instructor for CEG Dealer School in Las Vegas. In 2019 she also assumed a management role with Casino Education Investments LLC, the parent company of Casino Quest Las Vegas.

When Lauren is not dealing high limit casino games, she enjoys playing high stakes Bingo and collecting anything with a Ladybug on it. Her son Dean is also a trainer in the gaming industry.

Lauren holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and Teaching.

Dennis Leon

VP Media

Dennis Leon’s journey began after graduating from Green Valley High School in 2019. With a natural aptitude for analysis, Dennis’ skills have been honed to perfection, making him a strategic powerhouse capable of navigating complex scenarios with finesse.

His customer service prowess is second to none, leaving a lasting impact on those he interacts with. At CEG Dealer School, his dedication went beyond education, creating an environment where students felt empowered and valued.

Yet, his true differentiator lies in his extensive graphic design background infusing creativity and innovation into every project. From captivating campaigns to user-friendly interfaces, Dennis’ artistic touch leaves an indelible mark.

Notable Mentions

Lee Tepfer – Director of CEG Dealer School

Daniel Kiernan – SR Instructor / Training Manager

Technical Contributors

Maxx Tandon – Lead Developer

Jet Lu – Creative Director

Reno Ramsey – Strategic Admin