How Do Courses Work?

Hey! Thanks for checking out our courses. Here’s some information on how our courses work.

Once you purchase a course you get access to all the lessons, assignments, and quizzes. Some lessons have prerequisites, where you’ll have to finish a certain lesson before being able to proceed.



Since the courses are self-paced, you mark once you’ve completed a lesson. This means you can finish a video, mark it complete, and move on. If you marked a lesson complete that you realized later you don’t completely understand, you can mark it incomplete to remind yourself to check it again later.

Sections will also have quizzes, comprising of questions ranging from multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/false, etc… Quizzes can be taken multiple times and on average require at least 66% for a passing grade.

When you finish all of the lessons and pass all of the quizzes, you’re ready for the final! Final exams will contain around 30 questions involving all types (multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc…). The number of attempts on the final exam is limited, usually at 5 attempts. If the final exam isn’t passed within these attempts, no worries. Contact us and we will review your attempts and figure out the next steps to progress.

Once you pass the final exam and have all of the lessons & quizzes completed, you’re done! You’ll be notified of your completion and a certificate will be automatically available on your dashboard showing completion of the course.

And that’s it! It’s as simple as signing up and completing on your own time.

If you have any other questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or send us a message. See you on our course soon!

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