This online course from CEG Dealer School will teach you how to deal blackjack in a professional environment.

Taught by Alex Kim, you will learn Blackjack from the basic fundamentals to more advanced techniques.
You will also learn several essential dealer skills in order to efficiently deal inside a casino.

Welcome to the most comprehensive online blackjack course available.


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Blackjack Course

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Introduction (A)

Full Demo Shuffle (Six-Deck) (B)

Ins and Outs of Cheques (C)

Cheques and Cash (D)

Dealing From Shoe (E)

Double Deck (F)

Payouts (G)

Verbal Calls (H)

Game Protection (I)

Opening & Closing (J)

Dead Game Protocol (K)

Fills and Credits (L)

Miscellaneous (M)

Final Assessment 

  • Course Syllabus

    • Introduction (A)
      • Equipment (A3)
    • Full Demo Shuffle (Six-Deck) (B)
      • Shuffling (B1)
      • Stripping (B2)
      • Turning & Box-Turning (B3)
      • Plugging Into Shoe (B4)
      • Lacing (B5)
      • The Roll (B6)
      • Cut Card (B7)
      • Loading the Shoe (B8)
      • Full Demo Shuffle (Six-Deck) (B9)
    • Ins and Outs of Cheques (C)
      • Chips versus Cheques (C1)
      • Cutting (C2)
      • Plucking (C3)
      • Plucking Two Color Bets (C4)
      • Common Cheque Values (C5)
      • Breaking Down Cheques (C6)
      • Maintaining a Rack (C7)
      • Working a Rack (C8)
      • Counting Cheques From The Rack (C9)
      • Ins and Outs of Cheques Quiz (C10)
    • Cheques and Cash (D)
      • Making Change (D1)
      • Change Demonstration (D2)
      • High Buy-Ins (D3)
      • Cheque Change (D4)
      • Cheque Change Demonstration with Differing Colors (D5)
      • Cheque Change Demonstration with High Values (D6)
      • Color Up (D7)
      • Cheques and Cash Quiz (D8)
    • Dealing From Shoe (E)
      • Pulling Cards (E1)
      • Card Placement (E2)
      • Card Placement Using Both Hands (E3)
      • Peeker (E4)
      • Counting Card Totals (E5-1)
      • Blackjack Procedures for Shoe (E5-2)
      • Insurance (E6)
      • Making Change for Insurance (E7)
      • Paying Insurance (E8)
      • Insurance Demonstration (E9)
      • Splitting (E10)
      • Splitting Aces (E11)
      • Splitting Demonstration (E12)
      • Double Down (E13)
      • Double Down on a Busted Hand (E14)
      • Double Down Bet Placement (E15)
      • Surrender (E17)
      • Scooping Cards (E18)
      • Shoe Simulation (E19)
      • Shoe Summary (E20)
      • Handling Bets Quiz
    • Double Deck (F)
      • Double Deck (F1)
      • Double Deck Shuffle (F2)
      • Hold Double Deck (F3)
      • Pitch Double Deck (F4)
      • Exercise to Pitching Double Deck (F5)
      • Burn Card & Hole Card Double Deck (F6)
      • Two Hand Pitch Procedure Double Deck (F7)
      • Change Double Deck (F8)
      • Hitting on Double Deck (F9)
      • Split on Double Deck (F10)
      • Scooping Procedure Double Deck (F11)
      • Double Deck Game Simulation (F12)
      • Double Deck Quiz
    • Payouts (G)
      • 3:2 Blackjack Payouts (G1)
      • 6:5 Blackjack Payouts (G2)
      • Colors and Units for 3:2 Blackjack Payouts
    • Verbal Calls (H)
      • Introduction to Table w Lauren (H1)
      • Common Terminology in BJ w/ Lauren (H2)
      • Approval & Alert Calls w/ Lauren (H3)
      • Verbal Calls Quiz
    • Game Protection (I)
      • Game Protection (I1)
    • Opening & Closing (J)
      • Open & Close Game (J1)
      • Open & Close Part 2 (J2)
      • Open & Close Part 3 (J3)
      • Open & Close Game Part Close (J4)
      • Open & Close Game Quiz
    • Dead Game Protocol (K)
      • 10-5 Rule Dead Game Protocol (K1)
      • Dead Game Protocol (K2)
      • Dead Game Protocol Quiz
    • Fills and Credits (L)
      • Fills (L1)
      • Credit (L2)
    • Miscellaneous (M)
      • Never Pick up Cheques or Cash From Player (M1)
      • Never Fix Your Own Mistakes (M2)
      • Control Pace of Game (M3)
      • Change to Finish a Hand (M4)
      • Change Dealers (M5)
      • Multiple Hands (M6)
      • Dirty Money (M7)
      • Markers (M8)
    • Final Assessment 
      • Final Exam
  • Course Progress